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Professional induction heating equipment manufacturer and Induction Heating service company in Qingdao, China from 2010. 

We supply technical support, training and OEM  service.An induction heating machine has multiple advantages. Its efficiency is determined by the material to be heated.

Steel is easier to heat than copper and iron. Other materials such as aluminum, brass, and copper need more power to reach the desired temperature.

An induction machine can also be used for metalworking. Its low power consumption, easy installation, and parallel connection make it a popular choice for manufacturing purposes.

A typical machine can be installed in less than an hour.Induction heating equipment is a type of furnace that uses induction heating as the source of heat.

Its use in a variety of industries is widespread, and the quality of its products is second to none. Induction heaters are used for a variety of processes, including quenching, tempering, and normalization.

Induction heating equipment is also a low-cost, high-performance solution that meets the most demanding requirements.


Shuimu, the professional induction heating equipment manufacturer, is dedicated to meeting customers' needs. We effectively take your actual condition into account. We provide professional and efficient OEM/ODM services.

Some induction weld heating machine is air cooling with DSP + PLC control. We can set the heating temperature,heating time and cooling speed on PLC touch screen. 

An induction heating machine is an efficient tool for various metalworking processes. In addition to being energy-efficient, this device also increases production output and work capacity.

In addition to this, it is able to focus the current on the parts to be heated and produce a fast effect.

The main benefits of induction heating are that it is safe, requires very little labor, and is easy to install. This technology is ideal for manufacturing small-scale and high-volume parts.




We provide OEM service for induction heating machine, supply technical
support for heating treatment, Supply training for product operation.


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  Organize technical seminars

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