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MYD Proheat300 is design for Rapid Heating. The typical applications are Motor Casing Thermal Assembly,  Shaft Coupling Thermal Aaasmbly & Disasssembly, Welding, Coating, Painting, Bending, Hot-Fitting, Pipe Fabrication Heating. For these kinds of heating temperature ≦300℃, the induction heating is 3-8 times Rapid and 20-80% energy saving than the same power ceramic heating elements heating. That is to say for weld preheating and hot fitting, thermal assembly, the induction heating will save more time and electric energy than the resistance pad heating. Especially in the hot unfitting and thermal dis-assembly heating, the heating speed is the key factor. Or it will be hard to remove one part from the other. 

MYD Proheat300 heating equipment cover:

  • MYD-20,30,40KW portable heater

  • MYD-40,60,80,100,120KW standard heater

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