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MYD PWHT700 Equipment is designed for Weld heat and Post weld heat treatment. For Rapid Preheating≦300℃, it will be  3-8 times Rapid and 20-80% energy saving than the same power ceramic heating elements heating. For long time heat treatment ( Stress Relief and Hydrogen Elimination), the induction heating machine will save about 20-50% electric power. This MYD electric heating system are wildly used in the steel rail, steel plate, shipbuilding steel, steel structure, press vessel, onshore and offshore platform, pipeline & flange weld heating and heat treatment. They are also used in the pipeline Fabrication,Coatings and Unfreezing Pipelines.The straight and fillet blanket coil, clamp coil, fixed circle coil, C type coil will be more convenient for Rapid Preheating. Soft cable coil fits for long time PWHT like Stress Relief and Hydrogen Elimination.

MYD PWHT700 for Weld Preheat and PWHT cover:

MYD-20KW Portable Heater

MYD-40,60,80,100,120KW Standard Heater

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