Professional manufacturer of Weld preheat & PWHT Machine 


MYD Induction Weld Heating Equipment is designed for Steel Weld Joint Rapid heating and uniform heat treatment(PWHT). MYD Induction Heating System Main applications are Weld Pre-heating, Post Weld Heat Treatment, Building Up Weld Heat and Heat Treatment and Pipeline Coating Heating.


Power Size 20KW-120KW. Frequency Range 3-15KHz.Which is Air-cooling heating equipment with DSP+PLC temperature control system. Standard MYD series induction heating system is designed for alloy steel & carbon steel heat and heat treatment. MYD Proheat is designed for Weld Joint Pre-heating and Pipeline Coating Heating. Which max heating temperature is 300℃. The MYD Pwht heater’s max heating temperature is 700℃ which is used for both Post Weld Heat Treatment and preheat. We have several kinds of induction coil like soft cable coil, blanket coil, clamp coil and fixed circle coil,ect. We will design the exact coil for different metal heating. For ASTM A335 P91 material heating and heat treatment,we design MYDP induction heating equipment which max heating temperature is 800℃. The main applications are electric Power Pipeline, Boiler Tubes and Pressure Boiler Heat and Heat treatment.


Comparing with the Ceramic Heating Pads, the Induction Heating Power Density is much larger and Adjustable.The induction heating will be the rapid, uniform and high efficient heating way. Especially in industries which have strict requirements with Welding Joint Intensity, the Induction Weld Heating System will be the first choice than the Flame Heating or Ceramic Pad Heating.The Induction Heating will be more friendly to the environment without any smoke. Of course, the Ceramic Pad Heater has its advantage of High Temperature Resistance. 

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