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Induction Coil

We can design and supply kinds of induction coil for different kinds of job and different size. They are made for soft cable coil, soft cable coil water cooled, copper tube,ect. 

  1. The soft cable coil is used for Rapid preheat and PWHT. Which is most popular for pipeline, flange, shaft, roll and motor casing heating.

  2. Blanket coil is design for steel sheet, steel structure and irregular weld joint weld preheating. Which is easy moving comparing with the soft cable coil.

  3. Clamp coil is design for the fixed diameter pipeline preheating like weld preheating and coating preheating. Which is easy setting and moving with Hoisting machinery on site.

  4. We will design the right size and shape coil for different jobs and heating application. Most of them are C shape coil, fixed circle coil, ect.

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