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Induction Heating Machine For Reactor Heating

Induction Heating Machine For Reactor Heating

Induction heating for vessels/Batch reactors is the most advanced precision heating method available for any fluid processing. 

We have induction heating machine from 1 KW ~ 500KW. The heating temperature 0~650 C. We can make suitable induction heating machine for different type reactor.

The advantage of induction heating for reacor heating:

1. Quickly heating speed with high heating effect

2. No physical contact between induction coil and heated vessel wall

3. Instant start-up and shut-down; no thermal inertia

4. Low heat loss

5. Precision product and vessel wall temperature control without over shoot

6. High energy input, ideal for automatic or micro-processor control

7. Safe hazard area or standard industrial operation at line voltage

8. Pollution free uniform heating at high efficiency

9. Low running costs

10. Low or high temperature

11. Simple and flexible to operate

12. Minimum maintenance

13. Consistent product quality

14. Heater   is self-contained with minimum floor space requirement

15. Safty and stable for 24 hours working &More than 10 years working life

Induction heating coil designs are available to suit metallic vessel and tanks of most   forms and shapes ranging from a few centimeters to several meters diameter or   length. Mild steel, clad mild steel, solid stainless steel or non ferrous vessels can be successfully heated. Generally a minimum wall thickness of 6~10mm   is recommended. 

The induction weld preheating machine include:

1. induction heating power.

2.  Induction heating coil.

3.  Extend cable

4. K type thermocouple and so on. 

Induction heating offers benefits not found in other systems: improved plant production   efficiency and better operating conditions with no significant emission of   heat to the surroundings. 

Typical industries using induction process heating:

• Reactors and kettles.

• Adhesive and special coatings.

• Chemical, gas and oil.

• Food processing.

• Metallurgical and metal finishing and so on.


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