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What is the advantage of induction preheating compaire with old heating type?

What is the advantage of induction preheating compaire with old heating type?



High heating efficiency

Induction heater can heat the metal quickly;   Induction heater can make the electrical power to heating   power on the heating metal more than 97%, But resistance   heater only do it about 50%.


Save electrical heating power

Induction heater heats the metal directly, But resistance heater just conductive heat. Induction heater will save more than 60% electrical heating power


Save heating time

For preheating, Induction Heating can save more than 70% heating time compared with resistance heater


East to install & operate

PLC Auto control, easy to operate Around the induction coil on pipe, easy to install for heating.


More stable

Many protection on the machine, The machine will stop auto if something wrong


Low cost for services

The induction coil is stable; It can be used more than 10 years without any questions. The induction coil can be used more than 5 years. But resistance heater broken easily


Good working   environment

Induction coil is not with a high temperature, It can be touched when working. It will be more safety and better working environment.


Temperature uniform

Induction Heater is with a better temperature uniform for the   pipe. It will less than 5 degree C Error


Clamp coil

It is better for preheating, Heating one pipe only need 1~3   minutes.

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